Cervical Traction

Cervical Traction Therapy

At Mesa Chiropractic PLLC, we offer a special kind of therapy called cervical traction. Cervical traction is an alternative treatment for neck pain, helping people avoid the need for medication or surgeries. This technique has shown to be both highly effective and fast-acting, with most patients experiencing vast relief in just a few sessions.

Cervical traction devices lightly pull the head away from the neck to reduce pressure on the spine by pulling or separating the vertebrae. Pressure and pain is alleviated by stretching the spinal vertebrae and muscles. The procedure is painless and extremely comfortable. 

Essentially, cervical traction pulls your head away from your neck to create expansion and eliminate compression. Creating space between the vertebrae relieves compression and allows the muscles to relax. This lengthens or stretches the muscles and joints around the neck. These improvements lead to improved mobility, range of motion, and alignment. This will allow you to go about your daily activities with greater ease. 

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